“God didn’t nudge me into working for Him, he pushed me!” says Susan on giving up her job to work full time, voluntarily, for the church because, “God doesn’t do part-time!”


And neither does Susan. A Reader, an organiser, children’s worker, office assistant, chaplain…there isn’t too much that Susan doesn’t do. “When people comment on how busy I am, or how much I might be doing, I feel a bit of a fraud. I’m not doing it by myself! I couldn’t do half of the things I do if God didn’t help me, give me the energy, the words or the direction,” says Susan.

Born in Camborne, Susan has worshipped at Camborne Parish Church for all of her life. She had no aspirations to serve in the way she does, “I would have been happy to go to work, do the housework and go to church on Sundays.” But, bit by bit, her serving heart grew and Susan found she was doing things she never imagined she’d have the courage to do. “That’s how I know God is with me. I might be the one standing at the back of the church filled with hundreds of children under seven wondering what on earth I’m going to do with them all, but God is the one who walks me to the front and helps me to talk to them, changing their indifference in an intimidating space, to an expectation of something exciting.”

Susan often tells the children who come on school visits that the stained glass window with Jesus and the children is her favourite because it shows everyone how important children are to Him. She lives out this believe with her role as Captain of the Girls Brigade and the rapport she has developed with the local schools and nurseries, all of whom phone her to arrange receipt of their children at a moment’s notice.

As well as her very full role as Reader – leading worship, preaching, organising services, prayers and people – Susan leads funeral services, baptisms and visits people at home, taking communion to the housebound. She also does an after-hours stint in the office, to reassure people through their first steps with the church, perhaps for a wedding or baptism.

Recently, God has laid on Susan’s heart a desire to bring together the women of the church who are on their own, for whatever reason. “We do a lot to reach out beyond the margins of the congregation, but there are people here, often those who quietly give, who might need a little help themselves.” So a lunch club began. Susan and some other willing helpers cook up a feast once a month, so that the women can get together informally, feel supported and find fellowship with each other.

Susan is grateful for the decision she made to be full-time for God, and Camborne Parish Church is undoubtedly grateful too.