“The church family is as good as gold, good as gold,” says Betty quietly.


Sitting with Betty is like being in the presence of a gentle angel. She has a lovely smile and seems to shine with love and appreciation for all the people in her life, and all the things they do. Betty admitted to feeling a little worried when opening the letter telling her she was to be awarded the Cross of St Piran, “So many people do so much, why should I be thanked?”

But Betty also said she was very pleased, especially as St Piran is a Cornish saint, and she loves being Cornish. She also liked the idea of the award being a light shining on people who quietly work for God, especially as ‘This little light of mine.’ was a song she always sang to her daughters.

Constantine Church and its family have been a part of Betty’s life for over 60 years. She has cheerfully served, worshipped and helped there, loving doing whatever God needed her to do, whether that be helping with the flowers, putting together Christingles or picking up a tea-towel. An inspiration and comfort to people, anytime spent with Betty makes you see the world with a bit more kindness. “When I hear any nitter-natter, I say no. None of us are faultless,” says Betty.

Betty hasn’t been able to go to church latterly as she is unwell, and has very little energy, “But my faith is still strong!” she is quick to say. Although Betty misses her beloved church, and that closeness to God in His house, she is so grateful that her church family haven’t forgotten her. They regularly visit and Betty loves having communion at home, rather enjoying the take-away ‘special cup’ the vicar uses.

Betty recently celebrated her 88th birthday, feeling so blessed to have ‘my darling family’ with her. She is thankful for every day she has and determined to appreciate every moment. Being with Betty, it was tangible that ‘this little light of mine’ has shone all her life and she will probably never know the impact she has on people, how she has touched so many lives over the years, just by being happy, kind and loving.