It was in 1986 that Anne and her husband moved to Cornwall and made their home in Roche near St Austell in a group of isolated cottages on the outskirts of the village. In 1989 Anne fell pregnant with her first child and around the same time, the house next door to them was sold and was quickly inhabited by their new neighbours, who were Satanists.

Although Anne did not have a Christian upbringing, she felt deeply uncomfortable living so close to her new neighbours and felt strongly that she must get her new baby son christened and did so in the coming months. Following on from the christening service she continued to go to church regularly and felt strongly that something important was happening whilst she attended. It was after her second son was christened that she got more involved in the different aspects of the church such as the Sunday School and in 1995 she became a licensed reader. She felt called by God to explore ordained ministry and became ordained in 2009.