A series of safeguarding questionnaires aimed at getting the views and opinions of people across the diocese have been published today.

These surveys are an opportunity for you to share your views so don’t miss out. The questionnaires are available until February 8, 2024. There are four separate questionnaires aimed at different groups, meaning everyone who wants to share their thoughts can. The questionnaires for Parish Safeguarding Officers will be sent to them directly by the diocesan Safeguarding team.

The questionnaires, which seek to find out what you think about the type and amount of safeguarding training asked of you and the safeguarding demands on parishes among other things, are available on the diocesan website here and will be shared on social media.

The questionnaires form part of the preparation work for an External Audit, which will take place in the diocese in April. You can access them here and then simply select the questionnaire that applies to you:

  • Victims/ Survivors
  • Child or young person
  • The parish workforce
  • The parish community
  • The cathedral worshipping community
  • The cathedral workforce
  • The diocese workforce

Andy Earl, Head of Safeguarding and Diocesan Safeguarding Officer, said: “We are keen that as many people in the diocese as possible have the opportunity to give their views. These questionnaires are important and provide a chance for you to highlight what is working for you, and what isn’t. We are looking forward to the External Audit in April, having applied to be one of the first to undertake it, and for it to be a true reflection of the good work we are doing in the diocese, we need everyone to take part.”

The feedback from the questionnaires will be used in the final audit report which is expected to be published nationally next year. That will in turn guide changes which are expected to be made to safeguarding in the Church of England in the future.

So don’t miss golden opportunity to get your voice heard and make a real difference to safeguarding in the Church of England.