Two hundred and fifty people joined a vigil for the people of the Ukraine at the wayside cross in Mylor this weekend.

Both Bishop Philip and Hugh attended the gathering, which had been brought together at short notice to remember all those affected by the Russian invasion of the country.

Two women, who have relatives in the besieged country, spoke about their distress for trapped relatives.

A wide variety of faith groups were represented at the gathering. Bishop Philip led a two minute silence. Bishop Hugh spoke to the group in his capacity as Bishop to the UK Armed Forces.

Bishop Philip’s message was that wayside crosses like this one, erected in 1948 by Ukraine refugees fleeing Soviet oppression, have always been symbols of “service, sacrifice, liberty and life” and this one was no exception.

He recalled that Cornwall’s welcome was always to one and all, and the embrace this time should a be wide one, extending to all refugees who needed sanctuary.

There have been a number of vigils for Ukraine across the county. More than one hundred people gathered at Truro Cathedral on Sunday afternoon, standing in solidarity with the Ukraine population.