The environment is very much at the top of the world agenda and the issues and efforts around climate change are rapidly developing.

The Diocese of Truro has always been a trailblazer against this backdrop, instrumental in encouraging the Church of England in its environmental work and in setting its 2030 net zero target. Our churches were eagerly doing their bit to work towards better care of creation through the Green Church Kernow Awards before it became fashionable to do so and for that, the diocese is immensely grateful.

With a new diocesan environment strategy and the diocese’s vision The Saints’ Way now putting a renewed emphasis on Creation Care, we have updated our awards scheme to help churches as they work towards the Net Zero 2030 pledge.

Kernow Green Church Award

The Kernow Green Church Award will support parishes as they care for creation and will be a stepping stone towards the A Rocha Eco Church awards. All of this is part of the process of becoming an Eco Diocese.

Ben Lillie, diocesan environment officer, says: “We know that so many of our churches have worked so hard to achieve the bronze, silver and gold Green Church Kernow Awards and we want to say thank you.

“The work that has been undertaken to care for creation is amazing. But as we all know, things move quickly and with 2030 only nine years away, it is now time to really step it up. The new Kernow Green Church award will help those parishes that are in the process of working towards awards or have already attained awards to engage with and attain the nationally recognised benchmark of A Rocha Eco Church accreditation.

“By joining with Eco Church, the diocese will be standing together with the national church in our shared goal of Net Zero by 2030. The well developed and accessible Eco Church resources will help to add focus and pace to our commitment to Cherish Creation, Cut Carbon and Speak up.”

The diocesan creation care group are developing a range of new resources aimed to support parishes in becoming Kernow Green Churches and joining the Eco Church accreditation scheme. These will be available in early September to coincide with Creation Tide.

We thank you for your continued support in this essential work.

If you would like more information on becoming a Kernow Green Church please contact Ben on