Walkers on Cornish Celtic Way

The intrepid walkers gather before setting out from St Germans

On Sunday Bishop Philip pulled on his walking boots, took up his staff, and joined the walkers who were setting out on the first Cornish Celtic Way extended walk of the season. Setting off from the Priory at St Germans, the group plan to walk to Padstow over six days.

They will be staying overnight in chapels, church halls and even an abbey. Each day the group will walk between 5 and 12 miles, stopping over at Downderry, Sclerder Abbey, Polruan, Gunwen Chapel and St Issey before arriving at Padstow at Friday lunchtime.

Day walkers are very welcome to join them at any time along the route. Bishop Philip walked with them for the first leg, helping to embed the pilgrimage that stretches 125 miles from St Germans – the seat of the first Cornish bishop – to St Michael’s Mount.

The Cornish Celtic Way championed as Cornwall’s Camino

The Guardian article by Richard Mellor, Feb 2019.

The Cornish Celtic Way isn’t quite the Camino but the comparison, in The Guardian, is flattering nonetheless! The pilgrimage was devised by Revd Nigel Marns, who has written an accompanying book that enriches the journey with reflections, stories and observations. It also breaks down the route into 16 manageable walks – the full route includes over 60 miles of the Cornish coastal path, taking in The Saints’ Way and St Michael’s Way.

Why everyone should make a pilgrimage (even atheists)

Pilgrimage is on the map, literally. From people looking for spiritual connections to those hoping for wellness through nature to others who just want a good long walk. As a recent article in The Telegraph says about pilgrimage:

“These are not just holy journeys for devout Christians: committed atheists and everyone in between are welcomed and encouraged to embrace the idea of slow travel on foot with strangers”.

So it is with the Cornish Celtic Way, as Revd Nigel says, ““We live in an era beset by crises, be they ecological or humanitarian, and I think pilgrims or people on a journey often carry those problems with them – as well as their own worries. Walking pace allows for the gathering of thoughts – a chance to work things out.”

If you would like to join the group for any of the days, or to hear about future extended walks please email hello@cornishcelticway.co.uk