Bishop Philip picked up a ukulele and joined the St Euny Ukes for a couple of tunes this week, as the second roadshow of the year got underway.

He was given a customary warm welcome at St Euny, in Redruth, and saw the Open Cafe in full session, and met with lots of the volunteers, staff, parishioners and visitors.

Earlier in the day Bishop Philip had visited St Francis’ School in Falmouth, and then went on to the Seafarers’ Mission.

At the Mission to Seafarers: Penny Philips and her husband Graham with Bishop Philip and the Revd Geoffrey Bennett, Rural Dean of Carnmarth South.

The roadshows are a chance for Bishop Philip to visit and hear from people in all of the 12 deaneries with the diocese.

Bishop Philip said: “I had hoped that the roadshows this year would be an opportunity for me to watch, listen and to learn more about my Cornish brothers and sisters, and everything that they are doing in our communities in Christ’s name – but I’ve been blown away by the reality.


“I have been overwhelmed by what I have seen so far, and we are not yet half way through the roadshows programme.

“There is so much going on out there, so many examples of people treating each other with great love and kindness.

“I suppose I could have anticipated this, but to see it all happening and to meet those involved really is a privilege.”