The Bishop of St Germans has asked all clergy within the Diocese of Truro to support the forthcoming Vocations Day in Truro Cathedral.

Bishop Chris has asked all clergy to support the day in three ways:

  • By telling parishioners about the day and encouraging people  to consider whether God is calling them to do something specific in response to His love for them;
  • By showing the Living Faith videos (link below) within their church communities, whether virtually or in ‘real life’; and
  • By engaging in personal conversations  with individuals about their vocations and how they might consider developing them.


The event will be held in Truro Cathedral on Saturday, March 17, from 10am to 3pm. All are welcome.

‘Not just ordained ministry’

The programme will include talks from various people including Bishop Chris, as well as featuring workshop and information sessions, worship and informal group discussions.

The day will not focus solely on talking about vocations to ordained ministry. It will also include information about other types of vocation such as becoming a Reader or Local Worship Leader, a youth leader, a teacher or governor, and other possibilities.

People are invited to come for the whole programme or to just for part of it. There will be various stalls about different kinds of vocations all day, and people will be available for conversations with visitors.

Watch videos

Click here to see the videos the diocese has published about a calling to the priesthood.