Church on the BeachRevd Anne Brown is hoping that holidaymakers heading to the Perranporth beach over this summer can encounter even more than a beautiful coastline, wonderful weather and sand in their sandwiches.

“We will be here, hanging around our beach hut between 2 and 4, hopefully, every afternoon this summer holidays. There will be someone available to chat with, to try to answer any of those bigger questions you might not have had time to ask in your normal non-holiday-life, or just someone to listen, or to pray with,” says Revd Anne.

Meeting people where they are, taking ‘church’ outside its usual location and Sunday confinement is what Church on the Beach is all about.

“Jesus was always out and about, meeting people. He was accessible, open to being questioned and to be found where the action was. In Cornwall, in the summer, the beach is where the action is and so that’s where we will be – to show that Jesus is just as accessible today.”

If you want to find out more, why not go along to the beach hut this summer, on Perranporth Beach, every afternoon, weather and people permitting, throughout the holidays.