Happy Easter! Christ has risen, let us celebrate and become better stewards of creation – not just the caretakers.

It was Bishop Chris who said, “not just caretakers” as I was lucky enough to walk alongside him on his pilgrimage.  As he invited those that did to practice ‘mindful walking’ I was overcome by thinking about how the climate was for those early Saints travelling that path. They had come through the worst recorded plague, extreme cold weather and terrible famine – yet they made it. There we were gazing at the Holy Well founded by St. Cadoc and the realisation of the time he stood there with a significant knowledge of a different climate.

This enables us to realise climate will continue to change, but we can live in closer harmony with God’s intentions and contribute to the earth’s fruitfulness and sustainability. We know we need a little help, so this month I’m inviting you to do Pledge 1 if you haven’t already – it is just a phone call, continue Pledge 2 (it is the favourite), but most of all, with the Saints, your family and your congregation in mind, please do Pledge 3.

Pledge 3 helps you to take smalls steps to make your own way through a topic we all avoid, but really need to engage with. As BBC Radio Cornwall’s Donna Birrell said when she did Pledge 3, “I’m learning that minimising the effects of climate change is all about thinking differently. It doesn’t have to cost the earth but if we don’t all take responsibility at a local level, the Climate Vision article makes clear that our inaction will cost the earth.”


Pledge Three

I pledge to educate myself about the science and impacts of climate change starting with reading Climate Vision’s article (or any other)


You can find the pledge and article and record your activity here.

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