Schoolchildren were given the chance to quiz the experts before work starts on creating a new roof on their local church.

Jon Reid, from Gloweth Construction, spent the morning in St Mawgan in Meneage church last Wednesday, explaining the complexity of the restoration project works, which started this Monday, and taking questions from the pupils.

Among those attending was the Garras School Council, along with two of the teachers from the school, who have been involved with activities connected with the project for some months.

Last year the children made clay tiles showing various images of the church which have been on display in the church.

The children were particularly concerned about the slates being used and were reassured that they will be sourced in Cornwall and, whilst they may look new to start with, will weather to look the same as the old ones.

The roof was last restored in the late 19th century and the new one should last a century.