Polly Marchant-Thomas had always been interested in bell ringing, but it was only once she had returned to her childhood village of St Agnes with her husband and three children that she decided to give it a try.

Polly concentrates on the rhythm of the bell

Since September 2016 Polly has been meeting once a week with Annie Holland, captain of the bell ringing team at St Agnes Church and president of the Truro Diocesan Guild of Ringers, to practise ringing the bells. She currently has one-to-one practice sessions with Annie and will continue these for the next year or so until she has the skills and confidence to ring in a round with the other volunteers. She is off to a great start, though, as she has already been working on putting her front and back stroke together, a move that can often take a year or two to master.

Although she doesn’t have a church background, Polly has been welcomed into the group of bell ringing volunteers. She explains: “I have really loved getting to know a new community group within the village I grew up in. It is great that all the ringers are volunteers and give up so much of their time.”

Polly’s daughter Lila is also keen to start ringing with her mum but has to wait until she is eight years old … so has a long two years ahead of her!

Annie shows Polly a new technique

Having had a varied career performing and teaching trapeze and circus skills in the both the UK and New Zealand, Polly enjoys the physical side to bell ringing. She said: “It is so important to focus on the position of your body when ringing and Annie really homes in on this when we are practising.”

If you would like to get involved in bell ringing then contact your local vicar or church warden who will be able to put you in contact with your local bell ringing team.

For more information on bell ringing, visit the Truro Diocesan Guild of Ringers.