Anglicans across Cornwall are being asked to make a firm commitment to helping the environment during 2017 by taking 10 green pledges over the year.

The call is being led by The Bishop of Truro, the Rt Rev’d Tim Thornton, and the Archeacon of Cornwall, The Ven Bill Stuart-White. Archdeacon Bill is the chair of the diocesan environment core group.

Bishop Tim said: “Think Global, Act Local is a motto of the environmental movement and it’s not a bad one for us, too, at the start of a new year. Having just celebrated the worldwide significance of Christmas we can turn to practical actions we can undertake in our own, particular situations.”

Bishop Tim and Archdeacon Bill last year both took the pledges themselves.

Archdeacon Bill said: “Climate change may seem like one of those huge realities that we can do nothing about. But I am persuaded that even my little efforts can make a difference. I was surprised to learn under Pledge 6 – which was to work out my own carbon footprint – that if everyone on Earth lived as I do, we’d need about three Earths to sustain us all.

“As with many of the resolutions I make, some have stuck and some have slipped, but in 2017 I’m going to try again – and this time you can join me! None of the pledges are particularly arduous, it is more about us taking the time and the trouble to do them.”

The pledges are:

  1. I pledge to ring my electricity supplier over the next 24 hours and see if I can switch to green energy (if not I will find one);
  2. I pledge to buy local seasonal produce as much as possible – starting with at least 2 meals a week;
  3. I pledge to educate myself about the science and impacts of climate change starting with reading Climate Vision’s article “Climate Change”
  4. I pledge to contact my MP and my friends and ask them to make these pledges too;
  5. I have pledged to walk, cycle, use public transport or register with 08700 111199 to travel to work or regular journey at least once a week;
  6. I have worked out my own carbon footprint using one of the many easy to use carbon calculators eg,\ ;
  7. I pledge to do a ‘home energy check’ here to find out how I can save energy in my home. (If you don’t have internet, ask the Energy Saving Trust on 0800 512 012);
  8. I pledge to turn my thermostat down or use a thermometer to reach the lowest comfortable temperature, typically between 18-21°C & think about putting on a jumper instead;
  9. I have pledged to reduce my holiday air miles by 50%;
  10. I pledge to research ‘driving in a greener way’ by Google/research or by ringing up a driving instructor and booking a lesson to learn eco-drive ideas.


For those who don’t have the internet, small numbers of fliers will go to individual parishes throughout the year.

The diocese has invited the mastermind behind the Top Ten Pledges, Cornish environmentalist Luci Isaacson, to help it to make a difference during 2017, and with her help has produced a two-year strategy.

Further updates on the project will be shared on the Diocese of Truro of website in the future months.