The whole community in St Dominick will take part in a Community Living Advent Calendar at St Dominick Church this year.

The idea was initially put forward by a member of the community and it was met with enthusiasm and approval by the Parish Priest, Revd Christopher Painter and members the Parochial Church Council.

The idea behind the Living Advent Calendar is to mark the importance of the church within the community, for believers or non-believers, the Parish Church still symbolises strength and spirit with a community. The calendar will also celebrate the many and varied community groups and businesses in the wonderful Tamar Valley parish.

There are four large windows on each side of the Church, each window is divided into three sections, many of the local organisations and some of the local businesses are going to fill a small jute bag with little gifts of toys, or food or other things like soaps, hand cream etc. Each Bag will be given a date in December so that on that date a member of that group or business take the bag to the church and place it on the designated window.

On December 24 at the Christingle service a pupil from St Dominick C of E School will bring up the last bag and hand it to the Revd Chris Painter and that will mark the end of the Advent Calendar.

After Christmas, the gifts will be distributed to Derriford Hospital (Children’s Ward), Callington Food Bank and Chyvarhas Care Home in Callington.

It is hoped that people will call into the church to see what has been added just as if they are opening the windows of their Advent calendar in their own homes. This is a community involvement by the community and for the community. Hopefully next year it will grow even more once the idea is up and running.