The nomination process to the General Synod has now closed and there has been a very positive response with 20 nominations for the six places available.
The diocese has three seats in the House of Clergy and three seats in the House of Laity and all cover the five year life span of each General Synod. This year there have been six nominations for Truro’s clergy seats and 14 for the laity seats. Election addresses for each of the candidates are available by clicking here
Esther Pollard, Diocesan Secretary, said: “We have been overwhelmed with the interest in General Synod this year and are delighted so many in our diocese want to be part of getting our voice heard at national level.”
With the nomination process now closed, voting papers will be issued towards the end of the week to all eligible voters. Clergy are entitled to vote for the clergy candidates and lay members of the deanery synods able to vote for lay candidates. Voting will close at noon on Friday, October 9 with results being announced in mid-October.
Once elected, general synod members are able to stand for election to a committee or be appointed to one and they also automatically become a member of their local church council, deanery synod and diocesan synod. So if you are eligible to vote, it is important to select the candidate that will best represent you and your parish.
The General Synod is the national assembly of the Church of England, commonly referred to as the Church’s Parliament. It considers and approves legislation affecting the whole of the Church of England, authorises new forms of worship, debates matters of religious and public interest, and approves the annual budget for the work of the Church at national level.
Each of the candidates has produced an Election Address. Go to: