Copies of the innovative ‘Responsible Caring’ pocket guide will be on their way to incumbents, parish safeguarding co-ordinators and PCC secretaries across the diocese during the next few weeks, writes diocesan safeguarding officer, Sarah Acraman.

The Diocesan Safeguarding Committee is providing the pocket guides, in the first instance, to help those trained people responsible for disseminating and enforcing the message of safeguarding in all our communities.

The ‘Z card’ construction of the ‘Responsible Caring’ pocket guide has been cleverly designed to contain all the basic ‘what-to-do-if-I-am-concerned’ safeguarding advice – concerning both children and vulnerable adults – as well as some useful contacts. Its durable cardboard cover offers further protection to a format that will easily fit into a purse, wallet or back pocket.

After the end of August, clergy, safeguarding co-ordinators and PCC secretaries who require additional copies of the pocket guides, or further advice on their distribution, should contact Sarah Acraman at