Over 100 people attended the two Waymark Events held on Saturday 22 June to celebrate the first year of the Way of Life discipleship initiative.

In his ‘Beginners Guide to the Way of Life’, Bishop Tim spoke – in Trevenson Church – of his personal journey from childhood to the present day. “Discipleship for me is life long,” he said; and recounted how early in his ministry, during a visit to Taize, he had read the First Letter of St Paul to Timothy (1 Timothy 6.11-17) which passage of scripture had stayed with him ever since.

Bishop Tim emphasised the importance of prayer; but admitted that although there were times when he felt the closeness of God, there were also times when prayer seemed “dry and difficult”. He pointed out that just as people have different physical features and personalities, the same applied to their preferred form of spirituality. So he encouraged everyone to pray using their “whole self” and to be prepared to experiment and try different forms of prayer.

He also extolled the virtues of silence. “It is important and crucial,” he said. “And there should be more of it.”

Concluding, Bishop Tim encouraged his audience to share what they believe about God with other people, and not to stay where they are on their journey as disciples, nor to look back. But rather to keep going forward. “St Paul says ‘I go on learning’. So do I. I go on learning too.”

Meanwhile in a parallel Waymark Event in St Petroc’s Church in Bodmin, Bishop Chris told his audience: “I may now be a Bishop but I’m still on the journey. As followers of Jesus we never ‘arrive’. Jesus calls us to follow not to come and stay put.

“The Way of Life is a journey learning to love God and others. We are called to be disciples ourselves as well as to make disciples of others.”

Bishop Chris said that he also planned to join a Way Group and invited others to let him know if they were interested in joining him.

At both events there were inspiring stories from those who have used the ‘Way of Life’ materials and developed them for their own circumstances. So delegates heard about an ecumenical Way of Life Lent course, a parish pilgrimage which can be adapted for any of our parishes, about a Benefice Retreat weekend which culminated in 85 people attending a variety of events, yet still having space and time to explore their journey with God.

Others stories included ideas in which Way of Life can become an integral part of family life and setting up a Way group.

There were busy market-places at both events too – where participants could explore the potential of Way of Life resources and talk to others who have used the materials to help in their faith journeys. ‘Stalls’ included the Windows Into the Christian Faith project, how to develop a Way Group, and different methods of using a Way Guide.

There was also a ‘Feedback’ form on which people could describe what their requirements are for the future and register their interest in the Way of Life project and the possibilities for better communication and sharing in prayer and through media, such as a closed Way of Life Facebook. If you would like to ‘sign up’, you can download the Feedback Form here. 

The final act of worship – at both Trevenson and Bodmin – included an act of commitment to following the Way of Life.