Jesus has never been one for the establishment. Always hanging out with the marginalised, from tax collectors to prostitutes, the sick and the impoverished, he shunned the elite and yet started something that created a momentum that refuses to waver, more than 2,000 years later.

Festivals, especially ones like Boardmasters, are a haven for people looking to do things differently, so much so they have almost become an establishment in themselves. Festival Angels are determined to demonstrate that doing things differently can mean doing things with love.

Festival Angels take their lead from Street Angels and Pastors, getting out there to where the party is, to be on hand to help when things get messy. Except, in the case of the Festival Angels, they will be there at the beginning, showing love in practical ways like helping to pitch a tent or carrying bags, offering water, sunscreen or directions. As well as helping those later in the day who might be suffering from too much sun, fun or the not-so-fun after-effects.

And they are looking for volunteers.

If you think you could show love in the most practical way, in the best and worst of times of the Boardmasters Festival (August 9th-13th) and you like festivals, then click here to find out more.

Boardmasters Festival is a surfing and music festival with a site that stretches across Watergate Bay, becoming a temporary home under canvas for up to 35,000 people over five days. Festival Angels began at the Leeds Festival in 2011 and have become part of the fabric of the festival scene there, running cafes, lost property with teams deployed throughout the event to help. Backed by Christian Nightlife Initiatives Network, this is a new venture for the Newquay festival. Founder Paul Blakley, MBE, hopes that after supporting a local Newquay team this year, they can run it themselves thereafter.

The hope is, as Jez Bayes of Safer Cornwall Alcohol Strategy says, that Boardmasters Festival will continue to be a safe and vibrant event, and that, “People are able to look back on their time here for the right reasons.”

If you want to be a Festival Angel and can give up your weekend, or even just a day, get in touch. There will be free onsite camping and a fabulous festival to enjoy. Even Angels get a break!