Following the nomination of St Endellion as his favourite UK church, former Archbishop of Canterbury, Baron Williams of Oystermouth, has accepted the Bishop of Truro’s invitation to become a Prebend of St Endellion.

Back in July 2012, Baron Williams wrote of St Endellion, which he has enjoyed visiting since he was an undergraduate: ‘The mixture of rock and space always gives me the feeling of sea-light, of something wide, ungraspable; very much a North Cornwall feeling, opening out on to a deep and broad horizon. An appropriate sensation for a church, I think’.

Commenting, Bishop Tim said: “I am delighted that Rowan has accepted this invitation and we look forward to his participation in the life and work of St Endellion and its festivals of music, art and poetry. In becoming a Prebend, he will join in the vision for St Endellion as place of mission and where engagement with people through Spirituality and the Arts explores the meaning and nature of life.”

Arrangements will now be made for a special Service of Installationin later this year.