Why am I a Christian? Because I failed as an atheist! It was clear to me that a world would be better without politics or religion. Look at all the problems this world goes through because of them. How could there possibly be a God, if he allowed all this?

However, I did recognise that Christians had something that I lacked, and thought it would be great to have (whatever it was), if only I were as gullible as them.

I did not object to my wife going to church, nor taking the children, but when she started to get heavily involved in St Martin’s I decided I needed to do something about it. So, I attended a Christian basics course run by St Martin’s Church, with the intention of learning more about Christianity. This was not with a view to becoming a Christian, but so that I could prove to my wife that God did not exist!

As you will have gathered, I failed! I’d been to church as a child, and knew some of the bible stories, so when I started reading the bible again many of those stories came alive. In the first week of the course we were asked to read Mark Chapter 1. I read that, and just kept going. I read the rest of Mark, and continued into Luke and then Acts. What convinced me was Saul’s experience on the road to Damascus. That simply does not happen in real life, unless he really did meet Jesus on that road.

So, now I’m a local worship leader, the treasurer at St Martin’s Church, and the Chairman of Truro Diocesan Board of Finance. Oh, and a Christian!