Linda Whetter will be among those being ordained Priest on July 1 at Truro Cathedral.

Linda was born into a Christian family and grew up in Mevagissey with her parents and older sister.

“As a child, growing up in a fishing community kindled in me, awareness of the elements and of something greater than myself. My love of nature and music, and my interest in different countries and cultures was inspired by my late Father’s experiences in the Royal Navy, and through meeting French fishermen taking shelter during stormy weather. My grandmother welcomed them into her home, provided food and my uncle, fluent in French, provided the conversation. The parents of a school friend- their home filled with blank canvases and a potters wheel- inspired my love of art.

“My awareness of God grew throughout my life. I met and married Anthony, and we had a daughter and a son. We spent two years travelling around Australia, and it was during long periods in the outback that I cultivated a sense of silence, peace and quiet that enabled me to listen and hear God; I had a clear sense that God was calling me – it felt like I was on the end of a fishing line being pulled towards God’s mission but I was not sure what it was that I was being called to be.

“On return to the UK I trained and volunteered with St John’s nursing team; the girl guides; and the local hospital, and I dipped in and out of church, constantly looking for guidance as to what God was calling me to be. I committed to the church family and it felt as though I had come home. As I served as sacristan; led worship, carried out home communion; served in hospital chaplaincy; and volunteered in prison ministry, my call to priesthood became strong. I have had the privilege to participate with the Kainos community at HMP The Verne; I ran art workshops and   facilitated courses inspired by Christian concepts of love and forgiveness.  All the while, I continued to develop a strong sense that I was being called to ministry, and I answered God’s calling to the Priesthood. Others saw where my path was leading before I did and I have been humbled by their persistent love and encouragement throughout my journey.

“I am looking forward very much to serving my curacy with the Probus Team. I will always have a love of chaplaincy; serving alongside other faiths and denominations; and prison ministry. I have had so many surprises on my journey, I await what is ahead certain of a few more. Our two children are now grown up and our Daughter, Son, Daughter in Law and 20-month-old granddaughter Eleanor, will be coming over from America for my ordination.”