Current Faculty Applications

The Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2013 have been replaced by the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015, which came into effect on 1 January 2016.

The Rules affect the way in which the application process for Faculty permission for works to the fabric and furnishings of your churches and churchyards is carried out. This does not represent a change to the Faculty petition system itself, which is still covered under the Care of Churches and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Measure 1991. Under these new rules, it is necessary for some faculty applications to be advertised on this website.

Works affecting character of listed building etc: publication of notice on diocesan website

9.9.—(1) This rule applies where a petition relates to works that involve—

(a)demolition of a listed building;

(b)alteration to or the extension of—

(i)any part of a grade I or II* listed building, or

(ii)the exterior of a grade II listed building

to such extent as would be likely to affect its character as a building of special architectural or historic interest; or

(c)demolition affecting the exterior of an unlisted building in a conservation area.

(2) The registrar or chancellor must give directions for the publication on the diocesan website of a notice which contains the following—

(a)details of the church or building to which the petition relates,

(b)a statement that an application is being made to the consistory court for permission to carry out works to the church or building,

(c)a description of the works;

(d)details of where a copy of the petition, plans and other documents may be inspected, and

(e)a date (which must not be less than 21 days from the date of publication of the notice) by which any objection must reach the registrar.

The following current applications are, therefore, subject to rule 9.9:


Faculty ref: 2022-079220 St Sampson, South Hill. Works of repair and re-ordering.

Date for receipt of objection 1/12/2023

Further details available via the Online Faculty System

Faculty ref: 2021-061472 St Columba, St Columb Minor. Confirmation of temporary permission to create a community space.

Date for receipt of objection 10/12/2023

Further details available via the Online Faculty System

Faculty ref: 2023-084030 St Petroc, Bodmin. Internal reordering including; upgrade of existing kitchen and toilet facilities, new meeting room for groups, refurbishment and relocation of organ, raising area of chancel flooring to improve visibility, external and internal ramps to improve access, relocate vestries to improve settings of monuments, upgrade of heating and electrical systems including solar photovoltaic panels and air source heat pump.

Date for receipt of objection 20/12/2023

Further details available via the Online Faculty System


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