The people of Looe came out in force on Sunday to mark the first ever National Fishing Remembrance Day.

The day was marked nationally with people across 21 fishing ports gathering to remember and reflect on those in their communities who had lost their lives while working in fishing.

In Looe over 50 people, including local MP Sheryll Murray, whose husband was lost at sea, gathered on the quayside. A service of remembrance was led by Revd Ben Morgan Lundie, the Rector of Looe, with musical support from the Polperro Fishermen’s Choir.

There were prayers, hymns, a bible reading and a short talk.  Revd Ben told those present: “The sea has always been a dangerous place, and communities like Looe know that all too well.  The names of those who have been lost at sea are this community – fathers, husbands, sons, brothers.

“We gather as a community to pray for them before God, and as we say their names, we both bring them to mind and make them real.  The act of speaking something out makes it real, makes it solid.”

After the event in which wreaths and flowers were laid by the memorial, Revd Ben said: “Today was a significant and emotional time for the community here in Looe, especially for those who were able to remember their loved ones lost at sea. I feel privileged to be able to minister in this way as the parish priest and to show that the church loves all in the community.”

Speaking later Mrs Murray, who along with family laid wreaths for her husband Neil, said: “I would like to thank the Revd Ben Morgan-Lundie for leading the service, The Polperro Fishermen’s Choir for singing the hymns and the Harbour Commissioners for all their organisation. I would also like to thank The Catch fish and chip shop for allowing us to use the space just outside their restaurant where the plaque is and for supplying the power for the choir’s organ. It was heartening to see the large amount of people who turned up to pay their respects and I thank them for doing so.”