Churches in the Diocese of Truro are being offered the chance to trial packs which are aimed at heating the people rather than the place.

The diocesan office has acquired sample packs which include heated gilets, rechargeable, re-useable hand warmers and heated cushions and pew pads. These packs will be available for churches to borrow as a short-term loan.

With the rise in the cost of living including energy costs, the need to achieve Net Zero 2030 and the desire to offer a ‘warm welcome’, it is hoped these packs will enable churches to reduce their heating costs without sending a chill through visitors.

Heated gilets are powered by portable USB battery packs which can be charged from a socket or computer and there are solar options available. The battery is then connected to the gilet by a USB cable in the jacket. Heated panels in the gilet warm up helping to keep the wearer warm. The batteries can provide 12 – 14 hours of usage.

The handwarmers, cushions and pew pads work in much the same way.

All of these items are available from multiple sources online including Regatta and Amazon. Handwarmers start from £14 and gilets from around £30. Batteries start at around £11.

The Church of England’s Sustainability Council are already testing cushions and pew pads and it is hoped that they may be available via Parish Buying in the future.

The diocese is keen to hear from any churches already using these items and will be sharing feedback as to the usefulness of these products.

One church already making use of heated pew pads is Devoran Church. You can read about their experience here.

To find out more or book your trial, contact