The Online Missional Communities Seminar due to take place on June 15 just got bigger!

A second speaker has signed up to take part. Revd Chris Lee has more Instagram followers than the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Church of England put together, and he will be telling all about how he’s done it and how you can too.

Chris is the vicar of a growing church in west London and founder of the Young Franciscans, a new monastic movement for young people. He is an Instagram influencer with over 170k followers (revchris7) and YouTuber with over 350 million views on the various videos he is involved in.  He uses his social media platforms to communicate the goodness of Jesus Christ.  Chris is a published author with Penguin Century releasing ‘The OMG Effect’ in November 2020 and is a regular contributor to Pause for Thought on BBC radio 2.

The Online Missional Communities Seminar will take place on Tuesday, June 15 on Zoom from 7.30pm to 9pm. The evening will be practical and encouraging and you can book your place at the evening here.