Click on the picture above to see Looking to the Rainbow by the children of Quethiock C of E Primary School.

School children at Quethiock C of E primary school have been working together, from home, to put together this lovely film of them all singing ‘Looking to the Rainbow’.

“Locked down but not knocked down”

It’s a great idea that comes from Worship for Everyone. The song, written by Nick and Becky Drake, has really poignant lyrics. The children sing about how they used to be together each day, working in classrooms, playing and praying together until the lockdown. They talk about how they don’t know when they will meet again but, even though they are in lockdown, they won’t be knocked down. They sing about being a family, looking to the rainbow and knowing that hope will come.

Teachers across Cornwall have been doing so much to keep connected to the children, and to keep them connected to each other. From online teaching, checking in on them regularly, to producing fabulous films together like the one from Quethiock.

Executive Head teacher, Louise Hussey, of St Catherine’s C of E School and Lew Trenchard C of E Primary School said, “I’ve just been blown away by my amazing team and the effort they are putting in – I’ve just watched their morning video greetings to their classes – makes me very emotional how committed and courageous they are.”

“I’ve just been blown away by my amazing team and the effort they are putting in,” Head teacher, Louise Hussey.

School children writing to residents of nursing and care homes

Letter from school childrenPupils at the schools have also been writing to people in nursing and care homes, to let them know they are thinking of them. They were delighted to get a response from one resident who said how pleased they were to hear from the children and see their photos. In answer to one of their questions, they confirmed they did indeed like sweets, especially chocolate!

School children, parents, teachers and decision makers need our prayers, for protection, wisdom and energy. As they sang in the song, they might be in lockdown, but they are by no means knocked-down.