Bishop Tim Lent TalkAs I heard the news first on the radio and then I switched on the television and saw the confused pictures and the words of eye witnesses as the events unfolded on Saturday night in London, I found myself very anxious and concerned.

The acts of violence and murder go on occurring and there seems to be no end to the madness.
More families have been destroyed and more lives ended and ruined by people who are simply following a death cult.  This is no form of religion I understand and as many people have said it is a total perversion of Islam.

Our thoughts and prayers once again go out to all those who were affected by the dreadful events in London.

It is more than ironic that Sunday was the feast of Pentecost when we believe and remember that we have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit.  When the disciples were dispirited and downhearted, when they were sad and lacking in hope, then they received the gift of the Holy Spirit: the assurance that God was with them and would be with them and they would be given the help they needed.

The key distinctive feature for us is that we have hope – we are those who live with hope.

We live in anxious times and that is entirely understandable, but we can also let other people know something of the message of hope in which we believe.

Holy Spirit come and fill us with hope and love,
Empower us and free us from our anxieties and confusion.
May your loving arms surround all who are in pain and turmoil,
May we all know your peace in our lives as we continue to
Show the world our love one for another.