As part of Bishop Tim’s final weeks as the Bishop of Truro he will be presiding and preaching at the Eucharist in the Cathedral on Saturday 22nd July.

This will be the last time he performs these duties as the Bishop of Truro and he is inviting members of the clergy and parishes Bishop Timin the Diocese of Truro to come and join him at 4pm.

There will be speakers set up so the service will be relayed outside if the cathedral is full.

At the end of the service Bishop Tim will hand over the pastoral staff to be kept in the care of the Dean of Truro and the Cathedral until a new Diocesan Bishop is welcomed.  Following the service there will be refreshments.

Bishop Tim says:

“It is a sad day for me of course and I hope you will come, not only to say thanks be to God for the last nine years, but also to continue the theme of the day.  We will pray and think about the pilgrimage God has called us into and I continue on my pilgrimage – and we pray together for the diocese as we now move into a new phase.”


“I give thanks to God for all the wonderful opportunities I have had to be with, and be blessed by, so many marvellous pilgrims.  I give thanks for all that has been, and continue to say yes to what will be.”