Thy Kingdom Come is a plea from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, to encourage everyone to pray during the time between Pentecost and Ascension for a family member, friend or colleague to know the love of Jesus.

How often have you said you’d pray for someone, meaning it as an encouragement but then forgot to pray? Or thought prayer is a great idea, more an expression of mindfulness, but doesn’t really make a difference? Now is the time to discover the power of prayer and to be expectant that prayers for the people you love will be answered, as it shows so beautifully in the film above.

By joining your prayers with people across the county and the nation from May 25th to June 3rd, the hope is we can not only light up Cornwall but that the whole of the UK can be set alight in prayer before Ascension.

Across Cornwall, people are already getting mobilised to start praying. St Mawes and St Just-in-Roseland are sending postcards to everyone in the parish to let them know they are being prayed for and setting up prayer stations across the churches to make it easier for people to pray. In Land’s End, they are dedicating their prayers to the travellers that begin or end their epic journey to or from John O’Groats, with the hope that the entire length of the journey will be covered in prayer. On May 28th, in Truro Cathedral is offering a Kaleidoscope of Prayer, which culminates in an evening of Taizé Reflection.

We will keep you updated with everything that’s going on, but if you have a prayer story to tell please do let us know. Let’s get those lights lit! Click on the image below to make your pledge to pray.