Luci Isaacson, Diocese Environment Officer, invites us to do Pledge 4 during June:

ARE you willing to contact your parliamentary candidates?  What a great opportunity we have to extend the invitation to our prospective MP’s and those elected to discover God’s kingdom. Pledge 4 invites you to contact your MP and your friends and make these pledges too. These pledges are all about understanding ourselves to be part of God’s creation, and recognising the imperative of working in harmony with it. We have these easy steps to follow to help turn understanding the importance of protecting the environment into action.

Post Brexit we will be outside the supportive framework and objectives set for environmental protection by the EU.  We must ensure we have our own targets for environmental protection into the future.  We need an equivalent structure for the protection of the natural environment to that provided by the Climate Change Act: a new long-term commitment for the protection of habitats, land, water and air, including hard targets (e.g., biodiversity to be improved to x% by 2050).
Asking for a commitment to legislate and setting ambitious targets for the UK’s stock of natural capital and biodiversity is something they can do. Practically making that happen is something we can do. By sharing and encouraging others to do these 10 pledges, we can all warmly together look at the Green Church Awards next. In this way, we get to consider our biodiversity and living churchyards and really get to grips with the enormous value of nature. How we talk about these things and inspire people is difficult, most importantly it helps us to put things into perspective and consider our role in caring for God’s creation, and allowing that to spill out into practical action.


Pledge Four

I pledge to contact my MP and my friends and invite them to make these pledges too 


You can record your activity so please ‘check the box’on the postcard available in your Church.
You can find the pledge and article and record your activity here.

Luci Isaacson, Diocesan Environment Officer,, 01872 241239