When Revd Elizabeth Foot was given 50 copies of ‘In2 the Bible’ as part of the Bishop’s Lent Challenge, she was surprised to discover, very quickly, that she would need 50 more. “The parishioners found it so refreshing to have a Lent discipline that didn’t involve giving up chocolate and makes a deeper impact on their lives.”

She also said that people appreciated being given something, whether that was the booklet or the opportunity to pray with someone else.

“It’s such a thoughtful and potentially life changing gift,” said Revd Elizabeth, “Knowing that as Christians reading the Bible is something we are called to do but not always knowing how to do it.”

The parishioners of Towednack and Zennor have been very pro-active, arranging themselves into buddy systems to pray together, or if there is someone on there own, arranging for someone to pray with them. Elizabeth says that the booklet, which is beautifully produced, is a wonderful prompt. “People learn so much by learning together,” she says. “There is no wrong or even right answer, but it’s a great opportunity to reflect and listen to each other.”

Revd Elizabeth also shared how it had been a helpful tool in her pastoral ministry. She explained that when reading through Matthew 3, the passage about John the Baptist, the question “Can you remember your baptism?” provoked some painful memories for the family she was with. In the past, their grandchild had been refused a baptism by the vicar because the parents were not regular church-goers. The booklet had provided the prompt to work through the pain and begin the healing process to bring about a happier resolution.

Elizabeth says she would like to thank the Bishop for such a great resource, it has reached far further than she expected and been very gratefully received by the congregations of Towednack and Zennor.