In2 the Bible

Children at Breage Church of England VA School having fun reading and sharing the Bible

Children at Breage Church of England VA Primary School loved the idea of NOT giving up chocolate or sweets during Lent and instead decided to help each other to read the Bible.

Taking their lead from The Bishop of Truro, the Right Reverend Tim Thornton, the children decided sharing God’s word with each other would help them to understand what Lent means, more than not eating sweets.

“It’s been really successful,” says Head Teacher Mr Andrew Orme. “This is the third time we have done it this Lent and the children have really enjoyed it.”

From the way the older children paired with the younger, and the eagerness of the younger to be picked, it looked, and sounded, like a very happy collaborative time.

Young Leo, with his friend Kai, loved the fact that they were reading about a lion in the book of Daniel, while Caitlin and Mia were captivated by the story of Joseph and his multi-coloured coat and best friends James and Kai in Year 2 were just happy to be reading together.

“It’s great,” says Jo Osborne, from Truro Diocese who was leading the assembly that day, “The children get to practise their reading, share across the age range and learn more about the true ethos of being part of a Christian school.”