The Church of England are encouraging churches to celebrate Mothering Sunday with some great ideas for all the family to enjoy.

Many churches will have a time in the service when children give flowers to their mothers, or to those who played a mother’s role in their life. Why not try some of these ideas as well?

  • Get crafty and make some pom pom chicks (you can also use them for Easter Day table decorations). Ask your child who the chicks’ mummy is. If you like, you can talk about how they are born from an egg. Talk about how a hen protects her little chicks by hiding them under her wings. She feeds them and holds them close to her to keep them warm and safe. Think about how God’s love is like this. We are like God’s little chicks and God wants to keep us safe too, just like the hen.
  • Play time – why not play at being hens and chicks, spreading out arms and gathering underneath?
  • Read together – you could read one of the Bible stories that has a mother’s love at its centre, for example the story of Moses. The Moses Basket by Jenny Koralek is great to read with young children.
  • Plant some seeds – Mothering Sunday is just the right time of year to plant sunflowers and it is a great way for young children to learn how things grow. This is also a lovely idea for someone who has lost or never knew their mother.
  • Make a paper flower blessing – a simple craft idea that you can even pop in the post to send to a loved one, perhaps a grandparent or godparent.