Thank you to everyone who has undertaken Safeguarding training in the last few months.

At the end of 2023, training compliance for some parish roles were much lower than they should be. Following a concerted effort by diocesan safeguarding staff and a renewed commitment from parish officers, April 2024’s levels are looking much healthier.

Clergy, Readers, and PtOs have maintained a consistent high of 100% compliance. Local Worship Leaders have increased their level of compliance to 72%, an increase of almost 20% in six months. Churchwardens have nearly doubled their compliance to 62%. The lowest level of compliance is among the Local Pastoral Ministers with just 53% compliant. This is the next area of focus for the safeguarding team.

Churchwardens seeking to continue in role have just a month left to ensure they have completed their basic, foundations, and leadership training before the Archdeacons Visitations take place in late May and early June.

Once basic, foundations, and leadership training is completed, only the highest level of training needs renewing every three years. It is important that all roles complete the appropriate level of training because it has implications for PCCs around compliance.

As Bishop Hugh has said before: “You can tell what matters to Jesus from what he says and what he pays attention to. He tells us to love God and love our neighbour. Safeguarding is what we pay attention to, to build a culture that is safe for everyone and looks out for those who are vulnerable.”

Safeguarding is a key element of loving your neighbour. It is vital for everyone to be safeguarding compliant for their own safe keeping and for the care of others. Safeguarding is everyone’s business because everyone matters. If you have yet to organise your training, please visit the diocesan website here or email Safeguarding Enquiries.

It is not just in training that parishes have stepped up their efforts in relation to safeguarding. There has also been an increase in the number using the Parish Safeguarding Dashboard and Hub with 60% now signed up. If you would like more information on how your parish could use the dashboard, email Safeguarding Enquiries.