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Bishop Tim tells his faith story as he launches SpeakOut 2016

Bishop Tim has today launched the Speak Out 2016 challenge with the aim of 2,016 faith stories being told in 2016.

Letters have gone out to all churches in the diocese setting out the challenge and encouraging everyone to take part.

In the letter Bishop Tim says: “Words are important and stories are essential to relationships. I want you to use words and to tell your story.

“My challenge this Lent to all the disciples, church goers, call yourselves what you will, of our diocese is for us to speak faithful words. To tell the story of faith in this land. And that means to tell your story.”

Speakout 2016 is a simple challenge. The aim is to collect at least 2,016 faith stories, spoken and heard in Cornwall and Scilly.

To get the ball rolling, Bishop Tim has told his story. To watch the video click here.

You can add your story here