Archdeacon of Cornwall, the Venerable Bill Stuart-White, encourages churchgoers to consider standing for election to the General Synod.

Bill Stuart White“I love the Church, but I knew that if I wanted to make a difference, I’d have to get out of the changing-room and onto the pitch.” This sporty metaphor is how one of the last (2010) intake of lay General Synod members describes what it took her to pluck up the courage to stand for election. Well, General Synod elections are here again and the class of 2015 will soon be chosen. Could one of them be you? In a short video entitled “Your Voice Counts”, four members of the House of Laity share their experiences and urge others to give it a go.
We may get an impression of Synod that it is just for a certain type of person – confident, experienced and eloquent, but the plea is clear: the House of Laity needs to represent the whole Church. As another video contributors says: “We need ordinary lay people, who live ordinary lives and do ordinary jobs” and the Elections 2015 page of the Synod website states: “Everyone has something to offer and the Synod can learn from everyone”. There is a particular need for younger members (any communicant lay person who is on a church electoral roll and is 18 or above can stand) and those with disabilities and from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds are currently under-represented.
Despite the headlines that dominate the media, General Synod gives time and attention to matters that affect the whole spectrum of Church life, and membership gives the opportunity to make your voice heard. So, whether you hold strong and passionate views on one or two issues or simply want your chance to help set the direction of the Church at this critical time, why not consider standing for election as one of the three lay members from the Diocese of Truro?
The last date for nominations to be received is Friday, September 4, at noon.
For further information, visit
Alternatively, if you wanted to speak to somebody in more depth or have questions that remain unanswered, please contact Diocesan Secretary Esther Pollard on or telephone 01872 274351.