I came to faith after I finished university in my mid-twenties. My family always attended church with my dad being a side’s man and my mum arranging the flowers, I tended to get dragged along too. I found the services very boring and irrelevant. In my teenage years I attended a boarding school that held a chapel service every weekday morning and Sunday mornings. Again I found this boring and irrelevant. My younger sister had always been quite ‘religious’ and we always used to have rows about faith because I thought that it was a load of nonsense. When I left university we started to have more conversations about it and I decided to read the Bible as an exercise to prove my argument. To help me out my sister sent me some books, these included ‘Mere Christianity’ by CS Lewis and ‘Questions of life’ by Nikki Gumble. After reading C S Lewis’ book I felt like why hadn’t anyone explained Christianity like this to me before, it all made sense, he had intellectually proved his case. At this stage I had just left university and started working as a solicitor. My sisters friend invited me along to Hertford Baptist Church and it was extremely friendly and welcoming and the people there became my new ‘family’ and friends. There was a lot of mature Christians there that invited me along to small groups and other events that helped me to establish good spiritual roots. When I was 26 I had a full emersion baptism and I have continued with my faith since then.