Brian is a member of the Gideons, and has been worshiping at St Martin’s church for many years.

“Everyone likes a bargain – 20% off, 50% off or buy one get one free. I got the best bargain ever when at the age of 17 I was challenged in my church by the claims I heard at my bible class. Namely, that Jesus died for the sins of the whole world. However, I was told that knowing that and doing nothing about it would get me nowhere. I needed consciously to tell Jesus I was sorry that my sins were part of the load he bore and to ask Him to forgive me and cleanse my heart and life.

I did that gladly. Have I slipped back into sinful ways since? Many times, and just as many times when I come sincerely repenting, He offers His forgiveness and I go out from His presence with renewed hope in my heart, joy in my step and a firm resolve to serve Him more faithfully in the future.

Have I ever regretted the initial step of faith I took? Never. I am in my eighties now and looking back on my life I rejoice at the way God has guided and provided for me. So, I can truly say:
Yesterday He loved me
Today, He is just the same
How long will this continue?
Forever, praise His name.