Is still very much a learning curve, sometimes very strong, sometimes wondering what it’s all about, but that can also refer to life in general.

As a child I went to Sunday school, but then I stopped and although I married in church had my children christened , I did not attend church services, I felt a Christian in my thinking and if asked or needed to print would put  C of  E When at a questioning point in my life, I started to attend a Methodist Chapel near my home, in which I found solace and the preachers always had a message in their sermon that fitted my  needs. My elder daughter started teaching in the Sunday School  and the Minister was a very pleasant man who really brought the congregation  together, and cared about his flock, I became a member of the Methodists.

After moving  only a 30 minute ride from my church changing my job getting a lot busier once again, my faith lapsed and although I would now and again attend a service, church attendance didn’t come into play until I came to live in Cornwall, where I started to attend my local Methodist Chapel sadly after a few years due to lack of congregation it ended.

Since losing my dear husband 2 years ago I have attended my local Cof E church, at first I didn’t find the smallish congregation very welcoming , but over time, I seem to have become  known and I do help out where I can.

My faith as I have said is still a learning curve, and I feel with the world in this day and age still in turmoil Syria Damascus all these holy places, in such a mess. With all the different forms of faith to know what is right and what is wrong, more questions come into play, that don’t seem to have answers.

I like to think there is a heaven, and in my Fathers house there are many mansions and we have to work our way through them, but that could just be wishful thinking.