Alex is a local worship leader at St Martin’s church and has been a member of the congregation for over 30 years.

“It was 1991. I had committed myself to Jesus four years earlier, although I had always followed a Christian path, from the Church choir at age 10, confirmation, and attending Church after marriage. Everything was going so well, all the trappings of success. Then everything collapsed around me. I was out of work, robbed of my Investment, and saddled with debt.

Sleepless nights prevailed, I prayed constantly. Then one night, whilst in a restless sleep, I was urged to read Malachi.

The next day, having read Malachi, the reason for my situation became clear. I collapsed, cried and prayed forgiveness. For the last three years I had been worshipping Money rather than God.

Within a week, the situation started to change. I had offers of job interviews and it was after one of these, whilst looking in the local paper for property in that area, an advert for a business seemed to jump out. It was to guide us, as a family, in another direction towards Cornwall. In quick succession we had an offer on the house, and although I had to take another in part exchange to seal the deal, this sold in two days. The clouds started to lift.

It was not all plain sailing but with God’s guidance and being open to him, the recovery began and has continued.

It was a painful lesson, but it shows that if you are faithful to him, he will shower you with riches. However, you need to recognise them, as they will not necessarily be money!!!”