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The Directory Live provides contact information for Clergy and Laity. To find the information you require please click on the map below or search on the listings on the side of this page.

Patron:  - Lord Chancellor;   Bishop of Truro (Patron)
ReaderAppointed: 2021
Ms  Patricia Owens (Patti)
Fair Winds, Tregildry Lane, Gillan, Helston, TR12 6HG
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ReaderAppointed: 2021
Dr  William Robert Owens (Bob)
Fair Winds, Gillan, Manaccan, Helston, TR12 6HG
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 Parish of Manaccan
   St Manaccus & St Dunstan
 Parish of St Anthony-in-Meneage
   St Anthony
 Parish of St Martin-in-Meneage
   St Martin
 Parish of St Mawgan-in-Meneage
   St Mawgan


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