The Easter fun started early for 280 children from seven schools around Falmouth, Penryn, and surrounding villages.

Over the course of one week, 18 volunteers helped run nine sessions of Explore Easter at four churches in the Carnmarth South Deanery.

Jane Wheeler, Schools and families Lead for Carnmarth South, created an Easter workshop to help teachers with tricky RE objectives and the sessions were well received. The workshops included making collage pictures, drawing, reflection, drama and watching the Bible story unfold on a video called ‘The Miracle Maker’.

The children engaged with all the activities and learned about Jesus as well as having fun. Jane said: “Teachers have loved watching their children be curious and ask questions. One Penryn Primary Academy teacher told me: ‘Bringing the children out of school to do this has been great. They surprised us by how well they listened and engaged with the activities.’ It was good for our volunteers too. One was so excited and happy to be involved that she asked at the end ‘When can we do it again?’!”.

Jane Wheeler is Schools and Families Lead for Carnmarth South Deanery. If you’d like to contact her about this workshop or any other resources, please do so by email: