We are sad to report that the decision has been taken to close the Huddle Café in Falmouth with immediate effect.

Along with many hospitality businesses, the impact of loss of business in lockdown and the prospect of social distancing provision for the foreseeable future means that Huddle will not be financially sustainable.

Canon Bill Stuart-White, team leader of Transforming Mission (TM) in Falmouth, said: “This has been a particularly difficult decision, since Huddle had become an integral part of Falmouth life and a very popular gathering-point for locals and visitors, families and students, church folk and passers-by.

“Our colleagues there have worked tirelessly to build a team to give excellent service and a warm welcome, and we are grateful to them all. Though the café is closing, plans are being considered for the continued use of the space for the purposes of mission and outreach for Falmouth as the churches seek to respond with care and compassion to a society deeply affected by Covid-19.”

We have entered a period of consultation with the members of the Huddle Café team, who are at risk of redundancy.

Huddle was the first project of TM Falmouth to open in late 2017 and from the start functioned both as a café and as a hub for a variety of TM activities – workshops, concerts, meetings, prayer events, and a whole lot more besides.

Canon Bill said: “Our grateful thanks are offered to all our wonderful staff who have put heart and soul into making Huddle such a vibrant, happy place and such a powerful witness to the Gospel. Thanks also to those who have worked behind the scenes to support the establishment and promotion of Huddle in so many ways. We ask that our friends and colleagues pray for those who are directly affected, and for those seeking the way ahead.”