People who are considering studying with St Mellitus College, the theological college for the south west of England, are invited to attend one of their open days.

The next is on Tuesday, November 12, at St Matthias, Plymouth, although there are more open days planned throughout next year.

The days are both for people who have a clear idea of where they believe their calling is taking them next, but also for those who are less certain.

St Mellitus College is dedicated to providing theology in the context of worship, unity and mission, helping Christians explore their faith more deeply, combining academic excellence, a focus on missional leadership, and the flexibility to complement life’s commitments.

In this spirit, it offers what it calls a “nourishing and stretching formational environment for Anglican ordinands in training, alongside the intellectual and spiritual equipping of lay people pursuing undergraduate theological study.”

Hope-filled leaders

Responding to the call of the bishops, St Mellitus College South West was started in Plymouth three years ago to play a part in revitalising the church through training hope-filled leaders across Cornwall, Devon and beyond.

Open days are opportunities to join the community, hear some teaching and meet the staff to explore God’s calling on your life.

Sign up here

For more details, and to sign up for the day,  visit the college’s website here.

The college’s teaching staff are drawn from the local and national college and on Tuesday attendees can meet staff including the dean, Andy Emerton, as well as Lincoln Harvey, Donna Lazenby, Nick Griffin, Emily Kempson and Jared Lovell.

St Mellitus offers distinctive mixed-mode training that combines academic work with practical placements. The college offers degrees, diplomas and certificate level courses through Durham University.

St Mellitus is committed to ‘generous orthodoxy’ which means it embraces the rich breadth of all the traditions of the Church of England, so students encounter worship ranging from charismatic praise to the liturgical richness of Anglo-catholicism, to the quietness of contemplation.

“Generous love of Christ”

Sarah Yardley, mission and ministry lead for Creation Fest, said:  “I am thankful each week to be surrounded by those who show me the generous love of Christ. Through the teaching staff, theological reading, and my fellow students, I am actively learning what it means to love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul and mind.”