Bishop Tim has paid tribute to Lady Mary Holborow, the former Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, who died on Friday.

A service of thanksgiving for Lady Mary’s life will be held in Truro Cathedral on Thursday, July 6 at 2pm.

Bishop Tim said: “Lady Mary will be missed by people right across Cornwall and far beyond.  In her time as Lord Lieutenant she was tireless in her work and ubiquitous in travelling around the country, supporting a large number of organisations and community groups, and always cheerful and optimistic about the work she was doing.  She loved life and she encouraged others to see the positive in all that was happening.  Of course she and Geoffrey were a formidable couple and both had a fantastic network of people and groups right across the county.  Many people have commented to me over the years how they would meet Lady Mary somewhere and she would always be willing to have a conversation with them, and more often than not remember who they were and where they had met before.

“I was especially grateful for her support and encouragement when I first arrived in the county and for the way in which she was always keen to know how I was doing and always had some wise words for me.  When we were appointing a Dean of Truro I had no hesitation in asking her to chair the appointments group, which she did very well indeed.  I would often meet with her on major occasions and on visits to community groups around and about the county.  But I would also work with Lady Mary in trying to give practical help to those in real need.  This was work she undertook with her usual enthusiasm and care, but quietly and not wanting any limelight, but simply wanting to help those in need.

“I was also aware of the importance to Mary of her Christian faith.  She was someone who, when asked, was keen to tell her faith story to other people in her own parish church and was always willing to talk with me about the Christian faith and the wellbeing of the church.

“Meeting her was a tonic and a joy and I knew I could always turn to her for advice and words of wisdom.  She was of course deeply saddened when Geoffrey died and she herself had ill health, suffering from cancer and then a major stroke  which left her not really able to communicate, which for her was a major frustration.

“Lady Mary was known and loved by thousands of people right across the county and beyond.  Her presence, her joyfulness and her enthusiasm for people and their wellbeing will be missed by everyone.  I miss her and am saddened that I won’t have the conversations, the smiles and the time with her that I always enjoyed and which made me a better person.  I will also miss the reality that for her the Christian faith was a core part of who she was and what she did.  May she now rest in peace and, reunited with her beloved Geoffrey, may she know joy and the love of God.”