Bless to me the moon above my head.
Bless to me the earth on which I tread.
Bless to me my family, friends and all.
May I a blessing to them be,
As they a blessing are to me.


At Breage C of E Primary School they take prayer to their hearts. The above is the school’s own prayer, or blessing, to one another. Head teacher Andrew Orme explained why it was important and what it meant to him.

“For me personally, it represents the point in the day where the school comes together as a family. We say it along withthe Lord’s Prayer so it brings us alongside everyone in the Christian faith. It represents our school and is the time where we all stop together to pause for thought, to put others before ourselves and to think of what our families and friends truly mean to us. It’s been our school blessing for a long time so it also links us to the countless generations of Breage School children who have passed through the doors and allows us to think of them and their lives.”

He also went on to tell us what the prayer means to the children:

Kai says it’s about respecting people and Kaleb believes it is, “To make people think about what God has made for us.”

For Ellie and Maddie, it makes them think about their friends and family, and Ruby agrees, saying it’s about, “Looking after friends and family and caring for them.” Nicky also says it’s about family and so do Riley, Alfie and Phoenix who agree it’s about caring for others, including brothers and sisters.

Shannon says the school blessing is, “Caring to other people and to Jesus and God.”

“I think it’s about caring for God and for other people,” says Clemmie.

Bub has the last word, saying “It’s blessing everything.”