When you’re very ill, a Bible, as much as it is loved, can seem very heavy. That can be physically and emotionally. In2 the Bible is a resource that has proved invaluable at St Julia’s Hospice in Hayle. Because it is small and beautifully put together, it is easy to hold, accessible and full of prompts you help to work through the biggest issues.

Revd Elizabeth Foot

Revd Elizabeth Foot of Towednack and Zennor says that her parishioners, who have taken it to the housebound, have been using it at the Hospice. “It’s so helpful to have something that’s so positive and easy to share,” she says. The Hospice is glorious place, staffed by angelic people for whom nothing is too much trouble, but it is also a place full of emotion and pain so having something as positive as the In2 the Bible booklet is such a blessing.

“Often those who help out at St Julia’s will sit with families, pray with them if they would like it – which they generally do – and share In2 the Bible,” says Revd Elizabeth.

It feels a very positive thing to do and what better gift to give? The chance to meet with Jesus and know that He is right there with them in their suffering.

Revd Elizabeth has also used the booklet during the Lent services at the hospital. It’s a great tool to get people talking – and listening. Picking out key passages in the New and Old Testament, In2 the Bible helps to give renewed insight, even to the most well-known passages, helping to apply them to everyday life.

If you’re using In2 the Bible in your parish, do please let us know. We’d love to hear and share your stories.