Make space to pray; take time to reflect.

This year part of the Diocesan Development Plan focuses on prayer:

‘3.1. Praying

We want to be a community that knows God and converses with him in prayer. We seek to develop prayerfulness in our own lives and the churches of the diocese as described in the following objectives.

3.1.2. Encouraging Prayer

  • Learning how to pray. Provide opportunities for learning how to pray in every parish. Develop and support ‘prayer spaces’ in Church Schools.
  • Inspire prayer using as examples the Cornish Saints.
  • Resources for prayer. Identify and encourage the use of a range of resources (local and commercial, printed and digital) which enable individual and corporate prayer.’

We invite your school to help us develop this plan in the following ways:

  • Make (or further develop) space to pray and reflect during the day and around the school; trying new ideas such as the use of technology or multi-sensory activities. You can borrow our Prayer Box resource for inspiration.
  • Let us know what you do or what you develop by email or when we are visiting.
  • Send us prayer resources to share on our website.
  • Join in or offer to lead ‘Good Practice in worship’ sessions. (The first will be at Bishop Cornish after half term)
  • If your school has a Saint’s name, consider asking pupils to find out about them and write prayers inspired by them as class work, homework or a competition. We will celebrate these on our website and possibly in a booklet or on display at the cathedral.

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