An update on the Parish Giving Scheme: Two Years On 
Rebecca Evans, Parish Support Advisor:
We are now close to marking two years since the first intrepid parish within the Diocese of Truro signed up to the Parish Giving Scheme.  We now have over 25 per cent of parishes signed up to the Scheme and more coming on board each month.

So the question surely is, has it made a difference?  We’re pleased to report that the answer is most definitely yes!  Many treasurers and gift aid officers have had their workload significantly reduced by the introduction of the Scheme and have been pleasantly surprised by the ease with which it is operated. Donors too have found the Scheme simple and effective to use.  52% have signed up to increase their giving annually in line with inflation which will go some way to counteracting the issue of static giving.

Some parishes have seen a reduction in their costs as they have taken the decision to move away from an envelope system.  With a large number of donors switching to the Parish Giving Scheme and changes in legislation relating to gift aid they found that envelopes were simply not necessary.  The legislative changes have meant that cash donations in the plate under £20 have become eligible for gift aid regardless of the status of the donor and therefore this has become a further potential way to boost a church’s income.

I would continue to urge all parishes to utilise the Parish Giving Scheme.  It is not for all donors and we fully understand that but it is a method of donation and not having it reduces the potential number of donors a parish can appeal to; in particular, in the wider community.

The PGS is going very well from my point of view. The income is regular as people don’t have to worry about giving when they are unable to attend services and that means it’s easier to monitor the budget. 

Terry Lister, Chacewater Treasurer

Driving home from work the other day I was listening to Radio 4 – a programme on charitable giving and it was stated that in the last 100 years the proportion of income donated to charity has not changed but that the method of giving has – with a huge increase in direct debit as opposed to a massive reduction in cash donations.  It is imperative that we make it as easy as possible for people to donate and that includes both existing donors and potential new donors.

The Future

Throughout the Church of England, the Parish Giving Scheme has now become so popular and well-utilised that there is to be a slight change in the gift aid repayments to the parish.  Whilst they will still take place within the month of the donation being made they can no longer be guaranteed by the 10th of the month.  The reason for this is that HMRC often do not make the payment on time and whereas in the past the Scheme has effectively ‘bank-rolled’ this payment to parishes, the amount of growth means that they can no longer afford to do so and therefore the money will now be transferred as soon as it is received from HMRC.

We joined the Parish Giving Scheme a year ago and we are very pleased we joined because it has increased our cash flow (no need to wait for the Tax refund), reduced the work of the Treasurer & also the person who deals with the Gift Aid Tax ClaimIt is so good to see the monthly credits as one figure, rather than multiple entries. 

Caroline Hooper, St Breward Treasurer

We have also recognised that in many parishes there are a number of people who do not attend church but would be happy to donate to keep it going.  We are therefore currently drafting material aimed at inviting people within the community to sign up to the Parish Giving Scheme.  We would welcome any thoughts or ideas on this and therefore if you have any suggestions or think this is a good or bad idea please contact Parish Support Advisor Rebecca Evans:  or 01872 360039

If you would like to find out more about the Parish Giving Scheme would like to get your parish signed up or would like to book a presentation for the PCC, please do get in touch with Liz or Rebecca on or visit

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